The Proof Is In Your Fuel Savings

What Are They? Why Do I Need Them?

Airtabs™ are unique, Vortex Generators (VG) that have been specially designed for trucks. They work by creating a controlled swirl of air, or vortex, which actually reduces wind resistance (or aerodynamic drag). Aerodynamic drag has long been a target for fuel economy on trucks.

Airtabs™ Dramatically reduce the ‘fish tailing’ on trailers and have made tremendous impact on the handing of double trailers in Australia and North America. Here you can see Airtabs™ fitted to the tractor, (these can be painted to match the color of the truck). In this area, the vortex prevents air from entering the gap and creating turbulence.

Those Are Just A Few Main Benefits, There Are Plenty More

  • Reduces Front Tire wear

  • Less Weight on Front Tires

  • Reduces Steering Effort

  • Reduced Splash & Spray

  • Improved Visibility in Rain & Snow

  • Reduced Cross Wind Effects

  • Reduced Driver Fatigue

  • Reduced Dirt Build Up

  • Improved Truck Image

“Total fuel saving for the duration of 4 month trial : $1800 USD”….”Overall vehicle handling was improved”….” Improvement in fuel economy of 6.06%”….” We are pleased with these results…
Mr. Bill Dinino, Fleet Man
I recently purchased a set of Airtabs for my 1998 century class freightliner. My truck would not handle well in strong winds, until I installed air tabs, now my truck is more stable in strong cross winds or just severe weather conditions. You can really tell the difference thank you air tabs. Thank you
Jack H., Flat Bed Operator
“The drivers are very satisfied with the handling of the trucks after Airtabs™ are installed. We also are seeing a reduction in fuel consumption. The figures are a bit early to say, but the trend is clear.”
Leif Erlandsson, Jale Company
“When I first heard about Airtabs I was skeptical. Then I checked your website and read the testimonials. For a couple hundred dollar investment, and diesel at 3 bucks, I had to try them myself. The installation was as easy as advertised, I did my whole tractor in about 45 minutes. Then I hooked up my trailer and headed down the road. I couldn’t believe the difference! The increase in stability and the lane tracking in gusty conditions is noticeably improved. As for a mileage increase, it’s hard to tell because of the ever-changing loads and routes I take. I can tell the mileage and top-of-the-hill speed is better but it would be tough to document. I would strongly recommend that all trucks use Airtabs. Thanks, Airtabs!”
Karl S., Grove City, OH
I installed my order of Air Tabs just before heading back home to Thomasville, GA. At 170 miles, the fuel gauge was only down to 3/4 when usually it would be about 3/8 to 1/2. Thinking there might be a problem, I stopped and filled the tank…..13.35 mpg. I’ve never seen anything over 12.1 and that was only once as I recall. Most generally, the fuel efficiency on the Columbus, GA to Thomasville, GA run is 10.01 to 10.9 MPG. The next week I got 12.25 MPG with about 50 city miles on the tank. Yes, the truck handles differently on the highway. There is less influence from passing big traffic and the tail plume is greatly reduced. So, with the only difference being the installation of the AirTabs, I am realizing an improved fuel economy.
Stephen R., Columbus, GA