Better fuel economy and improved performance

The patented aerodynamic design of the Eco-Flaps splash guards offer a simple solution to two of the greatest challenges in the transportation industry today—reducing fuel costs and improving performance. The innovative design of Eco-Flaps significantly cuts wind resistance (drag). It has been proven in testing in real-world applications in North America over the past five years, it reduces mile-per-gallon consumption by up to 3.5% – amounting to nearly 700 gallons per year per truck. Within one month of fuel savings, Eco-Flaps have been proven to pay for themselves.

Protect the Environment. Protect Profits.

There are nearly a 100,000 tractors and trailers in North America improving aerodynamics and reducing fuel costs with Eco-Flaps. Eco-Flaps have been proven to save approximately 700 gallons of the 20,000 gallons a truck will use annually. Average savings can amount to $2,800 per year for trucks and trailer combinations with Eco-Flaps. Reduced fuel consumption can also reduce truck emissions by 400,000 CO2 tons annually to dramatically reduce the vehicles carbon footprint.

I outfitted a day cab and sleeper with Eco-flaps along with the trailers. After two months, I saw a 7% improvement in our overall MPG. The sleeper set-up preformed a little better than the day cab with a .9-MPG increase. We are in the process of converting our entire fleet to the Eco-flap with expectation of an increase in the fleet’s overall MPG.
Jeffrey O. Bonnema, Director of Fleet Maintenance, Dillon Transport
We blew a trailer tire at one point. The hanger bracket was all mangled but the Eco-flaps guard was just fine. It survived the impact to serve another day. And, our drivers really notice the road spray difference in terms of visibility on wet days. I like the flaps!
Scott Keck, Atkinson Freight
The team at Chattanooga, Tenn.–based Anderson Flaps didn’t set out to create a greener mud flap. They actually set out to create a cleaner one … this new spin on the traditional mud flap cuts down on wind resistance and lowers fuel costs, allowing owners to operate a more energy-efficient fleet.
The Eco-flaps also hold up extremely well in an everyday environment. Our first terminal that was converted over has not had to replace a mud flap due to wear or damage for the whole year. While normal everyday occurrences would damage a standard rubber mud-flap, the Eco-flaps withstand the abuse. This offers us additional cost savings, as we can carry fewer inventories and our mechanics can spend time working on other projects
Jeffrey O. Bonnema, Director of Fleet Maintenance, Dillon Transport

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