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Drag Reduction Systems to increase your Fuel Savings
Drag is a function of squared velocity. At highway speeds, it accounts for approximately 65% of the fuel consumed by a tractor-trailers.

Why is Drag a Problem for
Fuel Efficiency?

The fuel efficiency of semi-trucks is influenced tremendously by aerodynamics. Most of the power generated by a class 8 tractor (50% to 70%) is utilized to overcome drag forces while operating at highway speeds. Aerodynamic fairings have therefore become standard equipment on modern tractors. Aerodynamics for trailers on the other hand have been largely ignored. Until NOW.

The drag caused by a trailer’s box shape is a severe detriment to the vehicle’s overall wind resistance. NASA studies had proven back in the 1980’s that streamlining the front, rear and undercarriage of a rectangular vehicle can reduce fuel wasting drag by over 30%.

Green Automotive Technology has the Solution for You!

We offer several products and systems that will increase fuel efficiency of semis and trailers up to 12%. From roof to undercarriage, We have a system to help you Save NOW!

Major Areas of Drag

Why Green Automotive Technology(GAT) for Your Fuel Saving Needs?

Choose GAT because our company knows and cares about your fleet, customers, and your bottomline. We appreciate being part of the industry and respect fleet needs when it comes to improving fuel economy. Rely on GAT because we are leaders who care more about doing things the right way than anything else. We have listened and worked side by side with manufacturers to offer the best products and offer a level of experience that no one else can match. At GAT, we get the job done and leave the hype, exaggerations, and empty promises to others.

  • Reduces Front Tire wear

  • Less Weight on Front Tires

  • Reduces Steering Effort

  • Reduced Splash & Spray

  • Improved Visibility in Rain & Snow

  • Reduced Cross Wind Effects

  • Reduced Driver Fatigue

  • Reduced Dirt Build Up

  • Improved Truck Image

Our select line of products are provided to help increase the fuel efficiency for trucks and trailers.
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